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This plugin makes it easier to create images of formulas using mimetex in textpattern. Its a smiple plugin, you just put your formula between the start and the end-tag and all inbetween gets parsed by mimetex.
You need to specify where your cgi-script is, and what its called in the plugin.

example: (you can find this expression rendered with mimetex on my webpage)
<txp:dow_formula> \left[ \begin{array} \sigma_x &i &-i\\ i &\frac{\epsilon}{\Delta} &0\\ \frac{\pi}{4} &0 &e^{-i\pi} \end{array} \right] </txp:dow_formula>

Visit my webpage for further info and examples, and mimetex for info about the cgi-script.

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02 Nov 2005
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27 Jan 2008

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The author switched his site to Wordpress, I’m assuming that means the plug-in is no longer available.
Mike in Boston:

Here’s the code. Sorry the comments box won’t let me format it nicely.

i<strlen($thing);$i++) $string = $string . (($thing[$i] == “ “) ? “” : $thing[$i]); $string = “/~kurt/cgi-bin/$scriptname?” . strip_tags($string); return “<img src=\”$string\” align=middle>”;

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