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This is a small evolution of the great rss_suparchive plugin by Rob Sable allowing you to view events/articles/etc. in archive list form using the rss_suparchive options, however this plugin only shows items from the current timestamp and on into the future, instead of using the default TXP way of only displaying articles from now into the past.

I created this plugin to work with Marshall Potter’s mdp_calendar plugin for my Events Listings on my website,

To create the calendar page on my site I simply added mdp_calendar and placed smf_eventarticle with the following attributes:

<smf_eventarticle form="events_single" section="calendar" dateformat="F Y" showsubdate="1" limit="20" />

If you look in the code (which I’ll continue to fine tune since there is a bit of redundancy in there), you’ll notice the all important change within the SQL query:

FROM: Posted < now()

TO: Posted >= now()

Update: in the meantime, this functionality has been added to rss_suparchive

Article Request Count:

Archived [?]: incorporated into rss_suparchive

Initially released:
Posted here:
24 Mar 2005
Article modified:
12 Jun 2008

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