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Created a little plugin that lets you split articles into multiple pages.

Note: this will probably keep your pages from validating unless you don’t use textile. I have a version that keeps the validation, but it requires changes to publish.php, but am reluctant to release it because I’m not all that positive my changes didn’t break anything.

This plugin creates two tags: <txp:hfw_pg_body /> and <txp:hfw_pg_pages />. If you wish to seperate pages with a seperator other than [page], you will need to edit the plugin where it reads $pageSep or pass a pageSep attribute when using the tags.

<txp:hfw_pg_body />: Use this tag wherever you would normally have used <txp:body />. Accepts no attributes aside from $pageSep

<txp:hfw_pg_pages />: Displays a control that allows readers to jump from page to page. Accepts attributes always, prev and next. Always can be either true or false (defaulting to false), and controls whether the pagination links will be printed even if there is only one page being used. The prev and next attributes are the text for the links to the previous and next pages.

There is also a new plugin to paginate articles called etz_pg that forked off of this plugin.

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18 Feb 2005
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14 Jul 2008

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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