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bsl_audioscrobbler, continued2

This is an expansion on an existing plugin by Bradley Law.

All attributes now work (1.0rc1 doesn’t like underscores in attribute names, apparently).

Special characters don’t get garbled anymore.

If you’re going to use the cache, the directory AND the XML file need to exist beforehand or it will spit up an ugly PHP error. I’ll look into this further in the future, but for now you’ve got to hold its hand a little bit.

I manually hacked my version to display in a list format. The standard plugin will only accept a break tag to slap at the end of each link. Unordered list capability forthcoming.

As of version 0.7, the plugin now does the following:

  • Supports forms

  • Will create the cache XML file if it does not exist (directory must be CHMODed to at least 666 for this to work)

An example form might look like this:

<li><txp:permlink><txp:author /> - <span class="songtitle"><txp:title /></span></txp:permlink></li>

A number of attributes have been removed in lieu of forms, which is The Textpattern Way. The Help has been updated and I hope it is clear enough.

this plugin was further expanded by Ruairi Mc Comb

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02 Feb 2005
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12 Apr 2005

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