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The plugin mka_fontimg generates images with the GD library and font files.
If you have questions or ideas feel free to ask.

Email: martin[AT]


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26 Nov 2009
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28 Jan 2013

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Commented (5)

This seems to work pretty well. Nice plugin! I have 1 small problem with this, as my Textpattern-powered website is located in subdirectory and because these images have relative path to them, they are not showing as they’re supposed to. It would be nice if this plugin would have some sort of attribute like siteurl=“” for this.

Also another thing is that this current version allows only font files with extension .ttf, but there are also some fonts using file type .otf, so this would also be nice to get implemented.

I fixed the path problem.

OTF-Files are not supported by the used PHP-Function.
(Idea: Convert with FontForge)

Nice! Would it be also possible to make this plugin allow something like this:

<txp:mka_fontimg><txp:title /></txp:mka_fontimg>

Instead of:
<txp:mka_fontimg><txp:title /></txp:mka_fontimg>
<txp:mka_fontimg text=’<txp:title />’/>
(Single quotes are important)

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