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Perform multiple-choice actions in your articles, pages or forms. Similar in construct to a select... case or switch... case in high level languages.


  • Supports all major article, file, and link variables such as section, category, custom fields, id, query string, author, body, excerpt, yahde yahde, plus checking url vars, server vars, txp and PHP vars
  • Tests include equality, less than, greater than, divisible by, begins, ends, contains, and ‘character’ tests such is isalpha, isnum, etc
  • Tests can either terminate when a match is found, or “fall through” to the next test (“AND” logic)
  • Multiple tests can have the same outcome (“OR” logic)
  • The tested field & matched value are available to the case container so you can display them
  • Default condition in the event no test cases match
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10 Apr 2009
Posted here:
10 Apr 2009
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02 Aug 2010

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