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Thursday 24 January 2008 at 13:29 PM

In the interest of identifying outdated or incorrect information, broken links, etc., a “flag it“ option now accompanies each article, for bringing it to admin’s attention for archiving. Thanks for the nudge, Mary.

Besides simply identifying all the defunct articles with broken links and orphaned plugins, please help provide updated information or rescue some plugins by contributing a copy of the plugin file, and/or providing the name of the new plugin or built-in tag that envelops its functionality.

~ Administrator

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Finally. I’m convinced that the outdated info on this resource site is one of the chief stumbling blocks to new T/P converts. It makes it seem like T/P is unmaintained – esp. when compared to platforms like W/P which does a great job of tracking and maintaining plugins.

This will go a long way toward keeping this resource site up to date and helpful for us all.

Agreed (on the stumbling blocks). Working on it. Community participation via flagging or more direct involvement definitely helps towards those ends.

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