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This is TRv2

Monday 6 November 2006 at 23:30 PM

Welcome. Textpattern Resources version 2 is now open.

Ruud and I worked around the clock these past couple weeks (let alone the weeks before that… and there were many many weeks before that….) to get this together, and while it could use more polishing in some spots, it’s certainly a vast improvement over the old site and it’s fully functioning at this point (and the 5% of you using IE will just have to help us make the necessary CSS fixes to get that up to snuff). Special thanks to Hakjoon and Variaas, and to the many individuals who offered various solutions or encouragements along the way.

Sorry for the delays… here it is.

As mentioned, there are still some CSS issues and some sections/features could use further development or prettying.. If you see something that needs fixing, broken links or whatnot, please let me know. Even better, if you’re willing to fix it yourself, or to help make any portion of the site better, please let me know.

If something’s horribly broken as you’re browsing the site (and you’re not in IE), give it a minute or two and refresh — it was probably me being careless with an edit which blew up the page and it took me a few seconds to realize and fix it. I’ll try not to do that too much…

There may be a few other notices in the next week or so, or posts to the forums about expanding/maintaining the site. Meanwhile, there actually is some other work I should pay a little bit of attention to, and there’s a good deal of sleep to catch up on.

Thanks again to those who left comments and IMs and emails of encouragement…they make a big difference. ‘hope you like the site.

P.S. old site will remain up for a while at /trv1 …but all articles, comments, users have been moved to the new/current site already.

~ Alicson

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A VERY good job!

Congradulations on the redesign. It’s nice.

However, if you don’t mind me saying, I do think there is a bit too much visual noise. Feels like my eye is being taken in 100 directions at once. I suggest you remove or simplify some of the stuff that’s going on. Use colour/contrast to rank content in terms of importance.

Thanks for all your hard work.


It Looks GREAT everybody! Well worth the wait. It’s so pretty!


i don’t like this theme. Its very clutered. Look at the Main Links, the title is left aligned and the description is right aligned. Get real!!

Text Link has same color like ordinary text, well it underlined. It’s not visually different.

What is this little comments box? It’s like a shoutbox to me, rather than a comment box.

The footer need more whitespace, the line height is too close.

Thanks Robin. There is a fair bit going on but for the most part I put up things that I found I personally wanted access to when using the site for myself, browsing for plugins/resources. I was hoping the blue and green colors would do a fair job at separating the content. But my eyes are pretty used to this layout (of course) at this point, so I’m quite comfortable at navigating it and getting to what I need.. If you still feel it’s too much after using it for a while, let me know.

Kuswanto: ‘emphasized links in article body a little bit, lengthened comments box (yes it’s still a bit narrow..sorry), added whitespace to footer links. I’m personally partial to the layout of the main links (left and right aligned) so..didn’t change that. But if you’d like to lend your hand to make some other style/design improvements, please get in touch with me.

Candyman, Jaokob, Jamie and Matthew, thank you :) hope the site’s more useful than ever.

Hi Alicson and everybody who helped with the site,
congrats on the new design. A great improvement alltogether. I like the colorscheme and the overall look a lot. Very pleasing to my eyes. Okay, there are bits and pieces which could be improved or changed.. nevertheless this is just a beautiful site.
best for today, alex

Very nice! I jsut got into Textpattern, and I really like the new look here.

This “redesign” stinks. I used to browse through Textpattern Resources looking for plugins that might be useful to me. Now I can only get a list view with descrptions of the three most recent items. Everything else is behind multiple mouse clicks, practically impossible to browse casually. Boooooo!

Thanks Cameron and Alex.

Hey Alesh, “browsing casually” is one additional mouse-click away.. For the front page, either visit /archives or any of the main sections: mods / plugins / tips / etc. and you’ll have your familiar article lists. Is it the excerpt that you’re missing on the article lists? Cuz I have plans to restore those, but didn’t find it urgent since the Title and subtitle are more useful to me than an excerpt, in determining whether I want that particular article or not. Or is it the 1 2 3 navigation you’re missing on the front page? Guess that could be restored too.. but I would’ve thought people would visit the sections or the categories of what they’re looking for…or could check out the /datearchive if just browsing..

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