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Redesign of Textpattern Resources

Thursday 26 October 2006 at 10:45 AM

It’s been talked about for some time now, but Textpattern Resources is finally in the midst of a complete redesign.

Hand in hand, it’s been running on 1.0rc1 for all this while, but will finally get upgraded to Textpattern version 4.0.4.

Can’t spend much time writing a proper and complete description here at the moment, but once the new site is up and running I’ll have a bit of writing (and thanking) to do.

At the moment, the site is very much being worked on. Getting some great help with it, but could use more active and willing hands, if you’re really interested (in which case, please drop me an email).

We intend to make the main launch within a week (seriously)! The site won’t be completely polished and complete by the time it launches, but it should be happily functional and a vast improvement over the old/current site.. and we’ll keep building on it and refining, etc.

So you should see Textpattern Resources version 2 up and running by Monday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a WHOLE lot to be done….


~ Alicson

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Commented (14)

What the fuck? If you can’t take the time to give us fellow, dedicated Textpatterners even a slight hint of what’s coming, why bother posting this entry?

I, for one, couldn’t give two fucks over what version you’re upgrading to, if you don’t list the benefits for us, end-users. Before you swiftly pick up your moderation hammer, read through my comments over and over until you get my point. Thank you.
Unfortunately, none of the new features will change the fact that you’re an ass.
Mmm… seriously?

Pretending that you made a well-meaning request for more information out of genuine curiosity and interest in this site, I will point out—again—that the priority is to having this site redeveloped and available in its better form for you fellow, dedicated Textpatterners, rather than spending time right now just writing up descriptions and overviews for something you’ll see for yourself on Monday (that’s only four days)!

Fellow, dedicated Textpatterners are taking time away from their paying jobs, sleep hours and piano lessons, to build this site for people who are—very frankly—hopefully not like you.

I do apologize to the rest of the community that I haven’t been more communicative in this matter, but honestly, my thinking was that we did talk about it a lot when it was going to get redesigned last year, and there were forum discussions and TxpMag articles, etc., and the site ended up not getting done at the time. Now, my priority is to have it up and running for everyone who really have been so patient, and I would think you would want a functional site in hand rather than just reading more talk about it.

The benefits of the new site will be to end-users and authors alike and, as I said, won’t all be apparent on Monday, but the groundwork will be laid and we’ll keep building on it. If you have useful feedback or would like to offer your time to write a report about the differences between the old site and the new, or the differences between Textpattern verison rc1 and Textpattern version 4.0.4, then that could be quite helpful to everyone.
Alicson, Rob, et al… don’t you KNOW who Egor is? I guess you just don’t understand what a privilege it is to spend unpaid hours working for Him.

Everyone, please take a moment and bask in the warming glow that is Egor.

All hail Egor!

{ed: btw Egor, you deserve one healthy smack upside your head. care to arrange a time/place? @alicson - keep up the good work :) }
Yeah, no matter how you spin Egor’s comments, he’s just a jerk. I, as another end-user, want to thank you for your continued work on the site. I find it incredibly useful and helpful. I’m looking forward to see the new look!

Egor, just because you got out of bed on the wrong side doesn’t mean you want to act silly in public. People who lives in glass houses can’t really afford to throw stones. Hopefully, after you get a good night’s sleep or take your medication or whatever, you will calm down enough to realize your behavior was inappropriate.
Congrats. That sounds wonderful. Lots of redesigns going on! :)
Looking forward to it too! I’m sure it’ll be more indispensible than ever!

This is indeed good news, await the launch on Monday.
Thanks for the update Alicson! This site has been very useful and I look forward to the redesign.

The more I use txp. the more i like it. Keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated.
I wonder if Mr. Couldn’t-give-two-fucks has tried seeing a doctor about that. It sounds so unhealthy! Maybe that’s why he’s cranky.

Alicson, just ignore the bozos. We know if they weren’t bugging you, they’d be bugging someone else. I for one look forward to whatever you’ve got in store for us. :)
Alicson, everyone,

Point taken. I apologize for the unnecessary rude comment. :(
Thanks for the update. I could give a fuck and am super appreciative of the update you and Rob are undertaking in your “spare” time. Can’t wait to see it. I just know there will be some tagging goodness I can feel it in my bones.

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