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(Updated) Textpattern Interface Restyled

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded this before, you’ll need to download the new one to get the updated textpattern.css file!

Thanks to Dan Hoy for this great interface-lift. I’ve been using it under 4.0.4, but wanted to upgrade to 4.0.5.

So….I did. I had to add an item...


Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper

Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper

This plugin changes the stylesheet based on the time. zen_css will load the specified stylesheet or it can append the default section stylesheets with specified text. During the times not specified, the default stylesheet for the section will...


fox_code is a bridge to thepowerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported).

fox_code (Textpattern 4.4 compatible) is a bridge to the powerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported). It allows you to customize your code sections thanks to it’s integration with textpattern’s templates.


Typogrify for Textpattern: Widow Control + CSS Hooks for Improved Typography

The aam_typogrify brings the typographical goodies of Django’s Typogrify text filters to Textpattern. Four template tags provided by this plugin can be used alone or together to:

  • Prevent typographical widows (words that appear all by themselves on the last line of a paragraph or title).
  • Gain new

Textpattern Interface Re-Styled

During the process of building my site in Textpattern, I came across a redesigned interface package at a site called Empty Spaces. I was inspired by what they did and started playing around with the css…


Add a “wet floor” reflection to images

Pattern by squidfingers.com

Add a glossy shiny image effect to all images, as seen on many “Web2.0” style sites on Apple’s iPod adverts trails.


Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML

Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML.
For right now, please see the forum thread for more info.


Syntax-Highlighting for code with GeSHi

ske_geshi is a plugin for Textpattern which allows you to post some code snippets in a friendly and clear manner. The syntax will be highlighted using the fabolous Generic Syntax Highlighter GeSHi.


Parse TXP tags in CSS

Allows parseing of TXP tags in CSS.


ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover tooltips script to Textpattern.

ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover Tooltips script to Textpattern.

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