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edited 11 Feb 2008


…The companion plugin for zem_contact_reborn. Provides a language file which can be localised … contents of this plugin once installed. Requires: zem_contact_reborn Keeping the language strings separate from the … zem_contact_reborn plugin, makes it easier to upgrade the … zem_contact_reborn plugin without having to rewrite your localized …

edited 3 Jan 2007


…spammers will be tempted to fill out. Requires: zem_contact_reborn and zem_contact_lang …

edited 26 Aug 2007


…asy_jpcache and the powerful form processing of zem_contact_reborn (ZCR). These plugins usually clash due to the way … The anti-spam measures built into zem_contact_reborn can cause conflicts with the full-page caching … already used” errors that occur when using zem_contact_reborn and asy_jpcache together. You may also see …

edited 11 Feb 2008


Zem_contact_reborn is a further developed fork of the zem_contact … Textpattern Community. Requires: zem_contact_lang Zem_contact_reborn produces a flexible, customizable and secure …

edited 10 Jan 2008


…be actively maintained. It is recommended to use zem_contact_reborn instead. It’s intended for use as an enquiry form …

edited 8 Jun 2016


…database update, MailChimp subscription for zem_contact_reborn. Specifically: submitted field combination check … of contact & MailChimp fields *Requires zem_contact_reborn v4.5+. See the help supplied with the plugin, or …

edited 5 Oct 2009


…>FILES upload capability Integration with Zem_Contact_Reborn (ZCR) — providing the most robust …

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